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at St James' Park
Saturday 17 November 1956
1956-57 - Football League Division 1
S Seymour
I Buchan
R Simpson
A Dunlop
D Keith
D Donovan
R Batty
J Tansey
T Casey
K Birch
B Stokoe
TE Jones
J Scoular
P Farrell
S Keery
J Tomlinson
V Keeble
J Gauld
J Milburn
G Kirby
L White
W Fielding
G Eastham
T Eglington

Lge Position at Start of Day
Lge Position at End of Day

  EFC: 17/22    Opp: 19/22
  EFC: 18/22    Opp: 19/22

 * Floodlights were used for the 2nd half - the firs time that Everton had made a League or Cup appearance under lights!