HT: 2-0
3  -  0
at Leeds Road
Saturday 13 February 1926 - 3.00pm
1925-26 - Football League Division 1
Ref: J O'Donnell
G Brown 18', 80',  D Raitt (og) 30'
T Taylor
H Hardy
S Wadsworth
D Raitt
F Goodall
J McDonald
W Watson
J Peacock
J Wilson
D Bain
H Cawthorne
H Hart ©
W Smith
S Chedgzoy
C Stephenson
B Irvine
G Brown
W Dean
B Cook
F Kennedy
A Johnson
A Troup

Lge Position at Start of Day
Lge Position at End of Day

  EFC: 9/22    Opp: 2/22
  EFC: 9/22    Opp: 1/22