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Nott'm Forest
at Goodison Park
Saturday 12 November 1983
1983-84 - Football League Division 1
H Kendall
B Clough
A Heath 22'
N Southall
S Sutton
A Harper
V Anderson
J Bailey
K Swain
K Ratcliffe
C Todd  
    M Higgins
C Fairclough
P Reid
I Bowyer  
A Irvine
S Wigley
A Heath
P Davenport
A Gray
G Birtles
A King
F Thijssen  (C Walsh, 55')
K Sheedy
S Hodge  

Lge Position at Start of Day
Lge Position at End of Day

  EFC: 17/22    Opp:   7/22
  EFC: 16/22    Opp: 11/22