HT: 0-1
Bolton Wanderers
1  -  1
at Pikes Lane
(no extra time - the referee
Saturday 12 November 1887 - 3.00pm
decided it was too dark!)
1887-88 - FA Cup 1st Round 2nd Replay
Ref: Major F Marindin
J Brogan 80'
G Farmer 15'
W Unsworth
R Smalley
J Parkinson
A Dick
J McKernan
G Dobson ©
P Bullough
M Higgins
W Steel
A Gibson
R Roberts
J Weir
K Davenport
G Fleming  (retired injured, shoulder, 81') 
J Brogan
R Watson
R Owen
H Goudie
D Parkinson
G Farmer
P Howarth
R Izzatt

Everton didn't begin playing FA Cup matches until 1887/88 and were founder members
of the Football League, which began in 1888/89.
Prior to that the club participated in Friendly matches and local Cup competitions.
Details are inevitably sketchy and incomplete.
Match, appearance and goal statistics are not counted in any official records.