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About The Site

This website is designed, written and updated by me, Steve Johnson, a born-and-bred Evertonian (my dad before me, his dad before him, etc, etc) originally from both Tranmere and Ellesmere Port (we moved around) and now living in exile in posh Buckinghamshire.

It grew out of my passion for statistics in general and all things Everton in particular and has been about two years in the making (hey, I have other things to do as well, alright?!).

Most of that time was spent in getting all the facts and figures together and I've used many sources to do this, the major ones being listed below. A big thank you goes out to all of the authors concerned.

Royle, Young, Reid, Sharp, Watson, Lyons, Ball, Jones, Southall, Hickson, Kendall, Latchford, Labone, Sagar, Ratcliffe, Dean

I've discovered inaccuracies in most of the source material I've looked at which, given the size of the subject, is only to be expected. This site itself will inevitably also have errors in it, for which I take full responsibility. If you find any then please use the link on the bottom left to let me know.

Most of the possible errors will relate to individual players' appearances and goals records or to attendance figures. With player records, I think I've ironed out some errors that have been repeated over the years in other people's publications (The number of appearances made by Mick Lyons, for instance, is incorrect in most of the previous materials I looked at - if you're at all interested, contact me and I'll explain why!).

With attendances, well there are all sorts of pitfalls. For example, bizarrely, all of the record books I looked at omitted to give attendance figures for post-war cup matches and I've had to do a lot of research to fill in those blanks. Also, official club sources (for example, programmes) often have typos in their attendance figures and the figures themselves sometimes differ markedly from one reputable source to another.

Before 1925-26, attendance details weren't required to be forwarded to the football authorities and so figures up to that season are hard to obtain without painstaking research, are usually just round-figure guestimates and are often wildly inaccurate anyway.

So, I'm eternally grateful to Gavin Buckland, statistician extraordinaire, for providing me with practically all Everton's attendances from the early days and to both Gavin and Steve Flanagan for filling in blanks elsewhere.

Finally, I've tried to avoid breaching anyone's copyright or other intellectual property rights but if you feel I've infringed something then please do let me know.

(in no particular order)

Everton A Complete Record (2nd Edition) - Ian Ross & Gordon Smailes
The Essential History of Everton - Mark Platt
The Great Derbies Everton v Liverpool - Brian Barwick & Gerald Sinstadt
Everton FC The 25 Year Record 1970-71 to 1994-95 - editor Michael Robinson
Everton The Ultimate Book of Stats and Facts - Dave Ball and Gavin Buckland
Everton Head to Head - Peter Waring
History of the Everton Football Club 1878 - 1928 - Thomas Keates
The Toffees A Day-to-Day Life - Graham Betts
Everton The School of Science - James Corbett
The Breedon Book of Football League Records - Gordon Smailes

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